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DA309 Rare NAZI German World War II MP 40

DA309 Rare NAZI German World War II MP 40
The gun was developed from the MP38 produced 1938-40 by re-engineering it to use more pressings which cut down on expensive tooling. Internal modifications eliminated misfire problems of the earlier MP38.
The MP40 was manufactured from 1940-45; issued to Infantry and Paratroopers, its tactical use changed after the battle of Stalingrad where the German Army learned from the Soviets to arm assault platoons with submachine guns to offer heavy fire in short range urban combat.
It is a 9mm full-auto SMG with 32-shot magazine, ribbed Bakelite stock and folding steel buttstock; the rate of fire was 500 rounds per minute with a range of 80 meters.
Excellent Condition.
DEACTIVATED to EU/UK Specification, removable magazine.
Legal EU/UK Proof House Certificate. OA 63cm, Brl 25cm.
£2450 + £25 P&P
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