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DA317 Soviet DP28 LMG

DA317 Soviet DP28 LMG
Soviet Degtyrev DP 28 WW2 Light Machine Guns.
The 1st originally developed Soviet machine gun was the 7.62x54R DP Degtyrev Infantry which appeared in 1926 and was then modified to the DP28.
They were the first of a series of Degtyrev machine guns used by the Soviet Union which included a tank version the DT and an aircraft version the DA.
These are all WW2 dated DP28s with 47-round dish magazine, folding bipod and cone flash eliminator.
Superb Condition with nearly all finish.
DEACTIVATED to EU/UK Specification with firing bolts welded in, Legal EU/UK Proof House Certificate.
OA 117cm, Brl 61cm
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