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DA386 NAZI German WW2 MG42 LMG

DA386 NAZI German WW2 MG42 LMG
NAZI German WW2 7.92 MG42 Light Machine Gun
The MG42 revolutionised the production of machine guns, it was developed by Dr Grunow reportedly from a design seized from Poland by the Germans in 1939. It was the first machine gun to utilise stampings and was so successful, its derivatives are still in use today 70 years after its design.
These examples are all WW2 production, fully NAZI marked.
Fine Condition with much blued finish.
DEACTIVATED to EU/UK Specification with firing bolts welded in, but moving cocking lever.
Legal EU/UK Proof House Certificate.
OA 122cm, Brl 53.5cm
£1495 + £20 P&P

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