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Antique German Howitzer and Caisson dated 1895.

Price: £21000.00

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Antique German Howitzer and Caisson dated 1895.

A rare 87mm breech-loading Howitzer by Eberhardt. Believed to be for German Army trials but rejected as the Army decided to standardise on 75mm which made the earlier 87mm calibre obsolete. In the early 1900’s 500 pieces of artillery were gifted by Germany to the Ottoman Empire. After WW1 when Britain occupied Turkey and commenced military aid it resulted in many of the artillery pieces being repurposed. It is believed Britain sent the obsolete 87mm Howitzers to Colonial India and then later to Nepal, prior to which all markings were removed to sanitise them so that the Nepalese had to purchase from Britain rather than order from the original manufacturers. The Howitzers sights were remarked in Nagari numerals for use by the Royal Nepalese Army. The Howitzers were purchased and exported from Nepal to America in 2003 and then back to England. The outfit has been sympathetically restored to excellent display condition. Approx. Weight 2 tons.

£21,000.00 Transport cost by arrangement.

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