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DA224 American .30-06 WW2 Springfield 1903 A3 Military Rifle

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Price: £545.00

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American .30-06 WW2 Springfield 1903 A3 Military Rifles

A fabulous purchase of these desirable US Military rifles. Originally designed at the Springfield Armoury in 1903 and used throughout WW1;

The bolt action was in fact a Mauser design and became the subject of a law suit which cost the US Government $3,000,000 in royalties when they lost the case.

The final version 1903 A3 saw service in WW2. These examples are all US Ordnance marked and all bear World War 2 dates. They have the scant stock which was the final issue wooden semi-pistol grip stock used from 1942.

The WW2 production commenced in 1941 at Remington Arms and in 1942 at Smith-Corona.

These examples are Near Mint Condition. DEACTIVATED to EU/UK Specification with fully moving parts which dry-fire. Complete with EU/UK Proof House Certificate.

OA 111cm, Brl 62cm.

£545 + £15 P&P

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