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DA267 Scarce Soviet Tokarev TT30 semi-automatic Pistol

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Scarce Soviet 7.62 x 25 Tokarev TT30 semi-automatic Pistols

Designed in 1930 by Fedor Tokarev at the request of the Revolutionary Military Council as a replacement for the Tsarist M1895 revolver. This is the original TT30 version with 2-piece gripstrap that was used throughout WW2 by the Red Army. The ammunition was interchangeable with the German 7.63 round used in the Broomhandle Mauser pistol. This meant that captured pistols could be used by both the Red Army and the Wehrmacht alternately. These examples are all 1935 dated and in Good Condition, some minor pitting on remaining examples. During WW2 the pistol was modified and renamed the TT33. DEACTIVATED to EU/UK Specification with fully moving parts which dry-fire, removable magazine. Complete with EU/UK Proof House Certificate.   OA 19.5cm, Brl 11cm.

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