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DA372 SALE ITEM British .303 BREN MkIII Light Machine Gun

DA372 SALE ITEM British .303 BREN MkIII Light Machine Gun - World Wide Arms

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British .303 BREN Mk III Light Machine Guns

The whole BREN series was based on the Czech ZB33 machine gun and was licensed to be produced in the UK by ENFIELD. The Mk III version was introduced in 1944 and was the shortened and lightened version for Paratroopers and Jungle Warfare. It saw service in many conflicts including the Malaysian emergency and Mau Mau operations in the 1950s, the Indonesia-Malaysia confrontation and Congo operations of the 1960s, the Falklands, the Gulf Wars etc (as a 7.62 conversion) and was finally retired in the British Army in 1994 and the Irish Defence Forces in 2006

These are military used examples, dated in the 1950s in Excellent Condition.

DEACTIVATED to current EU 2018/337 Specification, with moving parts but non dry-firing, complete with EU/UK Certificate.  OA 108cm, Brl 55cm.

Original Price £650

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Sale Price £598 + £18 P&P

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