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DA445 Blue. Very Rare .303 BSA Model 1914 LEWIS Guns

DA445 Blue. Very Rare .303 BSA Model 1914 LEWIS Guns - World Wide Arms

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Price: £6750.00

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 Very Rare .303 BSA Model 1914 LEWIS Guns

 Developed in 1911 in America, its inventor moved to Belgium and then to England when BSA purchased a licence to manufacture the gun which was designated the Model 1914 Mk I Infantry Lewis Machine Gun.

It is an air-cooled gun with steel barrel jacket covering an aluminium radiator cooling system, the jacket fitted with extended flash eliminator, folding bipod, foresight and swivel carrying handle. The action top cover fully marked with BSA address, Model designation and Belgian attribution; fitted with elevating rearsight, detachable wooden buttstock and 47-shot dish magazine. Superb Condition with blued finish to jacket and magazine. These are rare historic collectors’ items and a fast appreciating investment.

DEACTIVATED to current EU 2018/337 Specification, with moving parts but non dry-firing, complete with EU/UK Certificate. OA128cm, Brl 67cm.

Blued Finish  £6750 + £25 P&P

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