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DA83 Eastern Bloc Cold War Makarov Pistol

DA83 Eastern Bloc Cold War Makarov Pistol - World Wide Arms

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Price: £345.00

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Eastern Bloc Cold War 9mm x 18 Makarov Pistols

The Cold War was a state of political and military tension that lasted from 1947 to 1991 between the Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc Communist countries against the Western NATO Allies.

The Makarov pistol was developed in the Soviet Union in 1948 and was the standard military sidearm from 1951 to 1991. Its variants were produced in many Communist countries. It is a 8-shot semi-automatic double-action pistol. These examples are in Excellent Condition with much finish.OA 16cm, Brl 9cm

DEACTIVATED to current EU 2018/337 Specification, with moving parts but non dry-firing, complete with EU/UK Certificate.

£345 + £15 P&P

Currently Being Deactivated, Please Allow 14 Working Days For Delivery

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