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G488 Antique .577/450 BIRA Gun

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Exceptionally Rare Antique .577/450 BIRA Hand-Cranked ”Quick Fire Gun“

Invented at the end of the 19th century by General Gehendra Jang Bahadur Rana of the Nepalese Army.

Its design was loosely based on the American Gardner action with twin barrels but with a 120-shot top mounted drum magazine.

At the end of the 19th century the British were supplying the Nepalese with thousands of single shot .577/450 Martini Henry rifles, but the Nepalese wanted even more firepower thus the BIRA hand-cranked gun was invented.

It was the end of an era which started way back in 1718 with the Puckle Revolving Gun, continued through the 19th century with the Gatling Gun (1861), Nordenfeldt Gun (1873) and Gardner Gun (1879) finally stopping in 1897 with the BIRA Gun.

It was already outdated technology as the Maxim Machine Gun, the first true machine gun, was in its infancy. This is why it is estimated that less than 50 BIRA Guns were ever produced.

Each one is a hand-crafted “work of art”, stored for more than 100 years without use.

Fine Condition.

 Length 2.72 Meters, Height 1.31 Meters.

An Antique Obsolete Calibre - Fully Working - No Licence Required



Transport cost by arrangement.

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