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G667 German Jaeger Antique Flintlock Hunting Rifle

G667  German Jaeger Antique Flintlock Hunting Rifle - World Wide Arms

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A German Jaeger Antique Flintlock Hunting Rifle

The Jaeger rifle spans more than 200 years of use and is found in flintlock, percussion and breech-loading form. It refers to a short sturdy rifle renowned for accuracy used for hunting wild boar and deer. Numerous countries copied its design for military sharpshooters’ use, the most famous being the British Baker Flintlock Rifle.

This German example is from the Neisse region of eastern Germany at the Polish border. It has a very heavy octagonal 8-groove rifled barrel of .600 cal with folding sight to 700 metres complete with a bayonet bar. The lockplate engraved Neifse. Hardwood stock with typical brass furniture, the buttplate dated 1818 and with typical sliding butt-trap. It has a double set trigger for precision shooting. Fine Condition  OA 110cm, Brl 70cm.

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