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S366 Scarce Antique Indian Firanghi Sword

S366 Scarce Antique Indian Firanghi Sword - World Wide Arms

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Price: £245.00

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Scarce Antique Indian Firanghi Swords

This is a North Indian Cavalry Sword used by the Marathas and also by the Mughals. It has an Indian iron basket hilt with a secondary grip projecting from the pommel and a European style straight blade. The name is derived from the Arabic “FARANJI” meaning a Western European Foreigner (referring to the foreign blade). It was in use for over 300 years. These examples have 18th century iron hilts and single edge backsword blades with twin grooves and armourer’s marks.

Very Good Condition but each example varies slightly in style.  OA 112cm, Bl 88cm.

£245 + £18 P&P

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